Rebuilding energy: calm your body

Feeling low energy at times, like it's hard to get through the afternoon, the day, or even the week? Does it take a crane to haul yourself out of the bed in the morning? Are you jittery, your heart jumping at the slightest noise, unable to sleep? We've all had those periods of time where … Continue reading Rebuilding energy: calm your body


Essential oils for happiness and health!

Since I started seeing an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner about a year ago, I've been introduced to the world of essential oils for health purposes. Although I have¬†always loved essential oils for their smell (yum, lavender oil in the bath!), I never knew they had medicinal and health effects that could replace modern day … Continue reading Essential oils for happiness and health!

Chrysanthemum tea & goji berries, so good, so easy!

Oh chrysanthemum tea, where have you been all my life? Just this past week, Veronika Reznova, my Chinese medicine practitioner, turned me on to chrysanthemum tea when I mentioned to her I was having dry eyes and slight blurry vision at times. She knew I was already using dried goji berries in my oatmeal (for healthy skin, eyes, detoxify, stabilize blood sugar, and more!), and suggested I drop a few berries in the tea to help moisturize my eyes.