Chrysanthemum tea & goji berries, so good, so easy!

Oh chrysanthemum tea, where have you been all my life? Just this past week, Veronika Reznova, my Chinese medicine practitioner, turned me on to chrysanthemum tea when I mentioned to her I was having dry eyes and slight blurry vision at times. She knew I was already using dried goji berries in my oatmeal (for healthy skin, eyes, detoxify, stabilize blood sugar, and more!), and suggested I drop a few berries in the tea to help moisturize my eyes. “You can eat them” was stuck in my head as I went home, ordered the tea online. Within a couple of days, I had my tea from China, pulled out my bag of berries, and made my first cup. No need to use tea strainers, just put the flower buds and the berries into hot water.

The taste of chrysanthemums in unusual, somewhat like an herb, somewhat woodsy like a weed. I could sweeten it up with some honey, but I’ve kept it to two ingredients so far. The goji berries plump up fast! In about 30 seconds, they all come to the top, and you’ll notice as you drink the tea, the tend to float toward your mouth. Very handy as you could, and should, eat them for all their health benefits!

Benefits of Chrysanthemum (BeWell): powerful in Chinese medicine! for eye health, respiratory and digestive issues, vitamins B, C and A

Benefits of Goji Berries (Dr. Axe): “…eaten by monks in the Himalayan Mountains thousands of years ago and steeped in hot water to help aid meditation and obtain greater health, vitality, longevity, energy and stamina”

When you’re done drinking the tea, you can also make soothing eye pads (reduce swelling and itchiness) by putting the flowers inside empty tea bags…you can buy these in the store! Also, when purchasing the tea and berries, available at your local health store or online, note both products are naturally decaffeinated, so if you see that on a label, it’s not a treatment they gave to get rid of the caffeine, as there was never any in the first place.

Let me know what you think…I’m on my third day of tea and berries…so far so good! 😀


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