lisa headshot 2016For many years, I have used two mottos to guide my life and career:

  • Follow the energy
  • Don’t let the bastards get you down

Just keeping these two simple ideas in mind, I have been able to lead a fulfilling life and successful career, and find the persistence to keep going when times were tough.

But what exactly does it mean to follow the energy? Initially, this referred to how I worked–did people and projects that I engaged with have high energy around them? Did I feel a positive connection with others and the approach, or was I struggling in some way? I learned that choosing to “follow the energy,” aligning myself to people and projects where I felt connected, engaged, and empowered, always led me in the right direction. I was trusting my intuition (a highly developed interpersonal tuning fork!) to guide my decisions and take advantages of the right opportunities as they were presented to me in life.

As I’ve continued to explore what it means to follow the energy, I’ve started to question the very nature of energy itself. Everything in the universe is made out of energy. What is energy, how can we increase it at the cellular level in our bodies using food and exercise, through interactions with nature and other humans, through meditation and other spiritual practices? As I explore answers to the questions, I invite you to join the journey with me through my writing, workshops, live streaming, and in person.


Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.